Week in Review, February 15 – 19

This past Tuesday was the School Board’s work session for the budget. During this meeting time allows for the public to comment on Dr. Cassell’s budget that he presented the week before and for the board members to discuss any issues or concerns. As it is still early in the General Assembly’s session, it can be a bit difficult to dive too deep as things can still change with the state’s budget. However, overall we are in a much better position this year than we have been in years past. It’s exciting to be able to propose additional positions; our teachers and administrators are our most valuable asset in the school system and it is vitally important to invest in them.

On Monday I was scheduled to attend a Special Education Advisory Committee meeting however that had to be cancelled due to the weather. As I’m writing this over the weekend we’ve enjoyed 60 degree temperatures, what a difference a few days makes! I will say though that this committee is an active group and I always appreciate the opportunity to listen to their concerns, feedback, and suggestions. I look forward to our meeting next month.

The General Assembly had crossover day this past week, meaning whatever has passed through the originating legislative body has now crossed over to the other body. I’ve been keeping an eye on various legislation related to K-12 education and am waiting to see how everything transpires. The budget will be the last item on the General Assembly’s agenda and I am hopeful that the results of that negotiation will not alter our proposed budget too much.

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