Week in Review, February 29 – March 4

IMG_5369The month of February was School Board Member Appreciation Month. At the regular February meeting the Virginia School Board Association gave certificates to each school board member recognizing their contribution to the betterment of public education in the Commonwealth. I was also very fortunate to receive a piece of art from SVGS as a thank you for my support of their programs. I must say that I am also full of gratitude for this opportunity to serve. Public service is an important part of our democracy and I am so grateful to serve our students here in Waynesboro.

Voting is another important aspect of our democracy. Since our boys were born Eric and I have made it a point to take them with us on Election Day. Our oldest will be turning 3 soon and the morning of the primary I was trying to explain to him that we are going to go vote before taking him to daycare. In my mind I felt that I was doing a great job breaking down the process, elections, ballots, etc. However upon arriving at our voting location it quickly became apparent that he was disappointed – he had thought I was talking about going to a “boat,” not “vote!” Poor kid, fortunately he did receive a sticker and I think that helped a little. Obviously I realize they do not fully understand what is taking place, but my hope is that by making this a family activity it demonstrates to them the values of being an active citizen – and my need to work on  enunciation!

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