Week in Review, March 7 – 11

At the school board meeting this past week we were able to readdress the idea of a student representative. Back in November when we attended the VSBA Conference I noticed sessions devoted to student representatives. I was unfamiliar with this role and did research to learn more; many school boards in Virginia have a student representative who serves in an advisory capacity. The student is essentially there to provide the student perspective and give their feedback on various issues. Knowing that we have had student reps on two recent committees (one devoted to the grading system and the other devoted to the facilities study) there was already a precedent set to include students in our processes. I brought this idea up at the January meeting and received positive feedback from the board. Mr. Teachey and Dr. Cassell did additional research and were able to provide their findings at Tuesday’s meeting. Again, my colleagues on the board were supportive and there is community support as well.

I will be working with Mr. Teachey, Ms. Ford, and her leadership class at WHS to establish a process for selecting the representative and will present that at the April meeting. We are currently considering having two representatives, a junior and a senior, to establish continuity to the process. The junior would then serve thru their senior year and partner with the next junior to bring them up to speed and assist them in this role. Creating these opportunities for feedback  not only benefit the board, but also provide great opportunities for our students to become civically engaged. The student representatives will also develop their communication, critical thinking, and collaboration skills – all assets to them as they move into their post-graduation experiences.

At Tuesday’s meeting we also decided to push back our budget adoption meeting by one week. The General Assembly is wrapping up over this weekend and it will take about a week for the school divisions to receive their budgets. Therefore we will meet Tuesday, March 22nd at 7pm in Central Office to approve our budget before Dr. Cassell takes it to City Council on the 28th.

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