School Visit: William Perry Elementary School

The first thing I noticed about my visit to William Perry (WP) was the great energy of the students and the main office staff. Each student was greeted by name with a kind smile. Everyone seemed to feel comfortable in that space and happy to be there. I got to spend some quality time chatting with their principal, Tammy Hipes, about the various activities in the school and let me tell you, this place stays busy!


Selfie with Tammy Hipes, Principal

The week following my visit they were hosting a Math Night, to which parents and families were invited to as well. WP bus drivers were going to be heading out in the evening to pick up families and bring them back to school to participate in the evening’s events. In April, thanks to an extremely generous donation, students will be headed to the Green Valley Book Fair to pick out books to read over summer break. Their PTO is growing and hopefully will be able to take on a more robust role in years to come. While WP serves some of our neediest students in the community, the teachers and administrators are extremely dedicated to them.

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