School Visit: Kate Collins Middle School


Selfie with Principal Janet Buchheit

I think we can all admit that middle school is rough. There are so many physical and emotional changes that people go through at that age, it takes its toll on everyone. Personally I had braces, glasses, and a back brace in middle school – jackpot! Suffice it to say, I do not envy the job of a middle school principal. Janet Buchheit, the principal at Kate Collins Middle School, totally gets all of that and of course sees those changes in her students everyday. She is making great strides to ensure they have the support needed to succeed, especially during such an important developmental period. Not only are these students going through a variety of changes, but this is also the first time they are all being pulled together from across the city. Ms. Buchheit works closely with the elementary schools to help the transition in as well as the high school to help with the transition out. While she has a tough job, she handles it with great skill and confidence.

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