Let’s get out the vote!

Shelly Vote imageIt’s hard to believe the election is right around the corner! Unfortunately as I am typing this up the weather is calling for rain and thunderstorms on Tuesday. However, we will not let a little rain stand in our way on Election Day. Too many people have fought too long and too hard to ensure the right to vote and it is vital that we exercise that right each and every Election Day. As a citizen of this great nation it is not only our right but also our responsibility to be an active participant in the government. As a young child I remember my parents taking me with them to vote. As soon as I turned 18 I registered to vote and my first election was a presidential election. Ever since Eric and I had our first son we’ve been taking the boys with us to the polling place so they can see democracy in action.

Especially for young voters (have you seen my campaign video for first time voters?), this is such an exciting time to cast your ballot and have your voice heard. If you’re new to voting, go with a friend or two – make it a social experience!

Have any last minute questions for me before you head to the polls? Email me, tweet me (@ShellyLaurenzo) – I want to make sure you are fully informed before you cast your ballot.

If you need a ride to your polling place on Tuesday please let me know.

Lastly, be sure to VOTE on May 3rd – hope to see you on Election Day!

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