Post-election thanks

13138929_1598858507026305_1561664577683145246_nI achieved a lifelong dream last week thanks to you. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a public servant. I’ve always been interested in the government and how it operates. My father would take me every year to Washington, DC for my birthday so I could witness the inner workings of democracy in action. I even had a framed copy of the Declaration of Independence on my bedroom wall.

Thanks to you and your support, I was able to take my two boys last Tuesday to the polling place to see their mama’s name on the ballot. Words cannot express how much that moment meant to me.

I have greatly enjoyed getting to know many of you during the election and campaign process. I do hope that you continue to keep in touch and keep me informed of your concerns. I can serve you best if I hear from you frequently.

Please stay involved and stay active – write emails, show up at meetings, stay engaged! Thanks to you I will be able to continue to serve the students of Waynesboro. With a year under my belt I am ready to go forward with the knowledge and experience I have gained to ensure a quality education for all of our children.

In the coming weeks I will be transitioning to house additional content beyond my work on the School Board. My hope is that people will find it useful in understanding more about myself and my views on education.

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