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Shelly Laurenzo

Shelly Laurenzo

“I have always held a strong belief that the public schools are a great value to the local community. I know what a powerful role a public education can play and am forever indebted to my own teachers and educators. My strengths would be best utilized in this position, as I have a strong background in critical thinking and strategic planning, as well as the ability to collaborate with others in order to achieve goals.”

Shelly is a Shenandoah Valley native, raised in Staunton, Virginia. She went Image-1-2on to receive her Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from James Madison University and a Master of Education degree in higher education administration from the College of William and Mary.  Shelly currently serves as an assistant director in charge of first-year advising at James Madison University. She is married to Eric Laurenzo, a local attorney, and they have two boys.

Image-1-1Shelly has always held a strong belief that public schools are a great value to the local community.  She understands what a powerful role that a great public education can play in the life of a child, as she is the product of such.  She is forever indebted to her own teachers, educators and administrators who, throughout her matriculation, inspired her to greater heights of achievement.

She is grateful for the opportunity to serve the community in a role that is so meaningful to her personally, and enjoys working with the board and the community towards ensuring a bright future for all of the children of Waynesboro.