April 14, 2016: News Virginian

Why I support Shelly Laurenzo

I am writing in support of Shelly Laurenzo for the Waynesboro School Board at- large seat! During her time on the school board, she has been appointed as a Committee Chairperson of the Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School Steering Committee and to serve on the Special Education Advisory Committee. She also initiated adding a high school student as a representative on the school board. Shelly is visiting Waynesboro schools, sharing the highlights of each school in a weekly newsletter at shellylaurenzo.com. She regularly attends school activities such as the William Perry 20 year celebration, the Kate Collins Spelling Bee and the annual YouthArts exhibits/ performances at Waynesboro High School.

Shelly is a hard worker who is willing to put in the hours and time needed for this position. She communicates often by attending events, sharing her newsletters, and by attending community/school activities.

She is a team player as shown by her being part of the joint city council/ school board meeting. She believes in strategic planning as evidenced by her comments on her website blog about the recent joint meeting concerning school needs-“I am energized by our plan to move forward. We are collaborating to find a solution to best serve our students and community”. Shelly’s heart is dedicated to helping to make Waynesboro Schools the very best learning facilities for every child, and she is dedicated to our community being partners in our schools’ growth. She is willing to listen, work tirelessly, and to continue to enable citizens to have access to school board news. As a former teacher and principal in Waynesboro schools, I believe Shelly is an outstanding candidate who is the right choice as we all move forward in our schools, businesses, and community. Vote for Shelly Laurenzo on May 3!
Sharon Baker Tooley, Waynesboro

April 14, 2016: News Virginian

Graduate supports Laurenzo

I am a recent graduate of Waynesboro High School and I support Shelly Laurenzo for the Waynesboro School Board. Mrs. Laurenzo has been working very hard on the School Board for a long time. In that time, she has already voted for a pay raise for school employees (my mom being one of them), voted for a new high school building, voted for more teachers. She also had the great idea of having a student from the high school serve on the school board! She wants the students to have a voice in what goes on in their schools. To me, Mrs. Laurenzo really has what we need in Waynesboro to keep our schools the great places they are. I urge all other Waynesboro High School alumni to vote for Shelly Laurenzo for Waynesboro School Board on May 3!
-Rebecca Spencer, Waynesboro

April 19, 2016: News Virginian

Why I support Shelly Laurenzo

I completely agree with my fellow 2015 Waynesboro High School grad, Rebecca Spencer, when she said that Shelly Laurenzo is great for Waynesboro students. Mrs. Laurenzo works closely with freshmen at James Madison University helping them adjust to university life and academics. On the school board, she has also been helping students get ready for college or getting a job after graduation. I think it is so neat that she has recommended a student representative for the school board. She also has a student rep on her campaign staff, Anna Fridley, who is a senior this year.

That shows me that she really likes working with young people and will help us get ready for life after high school graduation.

I am taking classes at Liberty University and want to thank my teachers and the school board, including Mrs. Laurenzo for helping me get ready for this challenge! All WHS grads need to vote for Shelly Laurenzo on May 3!!
Edith Valles, Class of Waynesboro High 2015, Waynesboro

April 21, 2016: News Virginian

A Wonderful Impression

I had the pleasure of talking with Shelly Laurenzo this afternoon and found her an enthusiastic and dedicated advocate for our Waynesboro schools, teachers and especially our students. She is passionate about teaching children, a quality so critical in encouraging students to reach for knowledge. Shelly also has a solid understanding of the school board member role, having served for a year, and has demonstrated her advocacy for our schools, faculty and students. I encourage Waynesboro residents to return Shelly Laurenzo to the School Board on Election Day.
-Jeane Custin, Waynesboro

April 22, 2016: News Virginian 

Retired Dupont employee supports Laurenzo

I have lived in Waynesboro for nearly 65 years. I am a proud retiree from Dupont and a great-grandmother. Many of my family members went to Waynesboro schools. Even though I don’t have any grandchildren or great-grandchildren in Waynesboro schools now, I am still a Waynesboro resident who pays taxes to support our schools. That is why I plan to vote for Shelly Laurenzo on May 3. I know she will work with city council on getting our students what they need to be good young men and women. It is obvious to me that Waynesboro High School needs repairs. It was getting worn out when my grandson went there and it is time something be done about it. I trust Shelly will do her best to make these things happen.

So many people run for office because they have a problem with something. Not Shelly Laurenzo. Shelly is on the school board and running for another term because she cares for our children. I am glad to see her talking with members of the older generation to get our opinions on the current status of the schools, because it will help her come up with a plan for the future.

Waynesboro needs young leaders who are smart, dedicated and full of energy. I am glad she is on the school board and I will vote for her and hope other seniors will too.
Lucille Graves, Waynesboro

April 22, 2016: News Virginian 

Laurenzo has intelligence, compassion and experience

I plan to vote for Shelly Laurenzo for Waynesboro School Board on May 3. Shelly is currently on the school board and has made the success of our students a priority for her current work as well as her campaign platform.

In order for our students to succeed, we need Shelly to continue her work putting our kids first. Waynesboro schools need school board members with intelligence, compassion and experience. In my opinion, Shelly Laurenzo has all of those things.

Both of my children have been educated by the Waynesboro school system and have received a first class education. They have gone on to apply the skills learned in our schools to be successful and contributing members of our community. This is the hope for all parents with children in our school system and it is what every child deserves. Shelly has collaborated with principals from all of our schools to find out what is necessary for the children of Waynesboro to be successful. I have been a Waynesboro Public Schools employee for the past 19 years. I work at William Perry Elementary School. I have witnessed firsthand what dedicated teachers, instructional aides, cafeteria workers, secretaries, custodians and bus drivers we have. But beyond school employees, we are a family. And that is crucial for our children, because it truly takes a village to raise a child. And Shelly Laurenzo is a vital part of our village. I am proud to be a citizen of Waynesboro, proud to be a Waynesboro Public Schools employee and proud to be a voter who will cast her vote for Shelly Laurenzo for Waynesboro School Board.
Myra Carter, Waynesboro

April 24, News Leader

Laurenzo for Waynesboro School Board

I am writing this letter in support of Shelly Laurenzo for Waynesboro School Board.

Shelly is an experienced, committed member of the school board who understand the needs of the school division, teachers, students and families.

As a retired Waynesboro Public Schools employee, I had many occasions to observe Shelly at school board meetings, committee meetings and school events. Shelly is an active listener, an invested partner and creative problem-solver who believes in the success of all students. Her commitment to students and staff is demonstrated by her willingness to listen to students, their families, staff and community members. Shelly’s attendance at many school functions and her school visits provide her with firsthand knowledge of programs and student needs.

Shelly brings to the table her experience as a current school board member. She understands the role of the school board, the relationship with council, the complexities of budgeting and the need to be responsive to a variety of educational requirements. She is an advocate for student success who understands the need to provide a balanced educational program of academics, athletics and arts. She is committed to providing an environment that fosters skill development and learning opportunities that offer students options for life after high school graduation whether it be in the workforce, school or the military.

As a parent of young children, Shelly is invested in the future of Waynesboro and Waynesboro City Schools. That investment impacts all of us by ensuring that our schools provide programs that prepare our students for their future. It provides us, as citizens, with an educated workforce that contributes to the economic growth of our city. In my estimation, that is a win for students and citizens.

– Maggie Van Huss, Waynesboro

April 26, News Leader

Laurenzo has demonstrated ability to lead in Waynesboro

I’m writing this to show my support for Shelly Laurenzo for Waynesboro School Board. Shelly has already demonstrated her ability to lead in the support and well-being of the students and teachers. In my opinion, she has the decision-making ability necessary to cope with the tough decisions that will have to be made in the upcoming months concerning the high school. I truly believe Shelly is committed to work with city council to accomplish the completion of this project in the most cost effective manor possible. I also urge everyone to please take the short time it takes to go and vote, and join me in supporting Shelly Laurenzo on May 3.

– Jim Serba, Waynesboro

April 26, News Leader

Laurenzo the optimal school board candidate

I am writing to tell you why I am voting for Shelly Laurenzo for School Board on May 3. Shelly was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Waynesboro School Board in December 2014. Since that time she has served our children and our schools admirably. Like myself, she is a strong advocate for public education and our children. She frequently visits our schools and is currently serving on the special education advisory committee and the steering committee for the Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School.

Shelly has made education a priority in her own life. She received her undergraduate degree in philosophy from James Madison University and her master of education degree from William and Mary. She is currently employed as the assistant director in charge of first-year advising at James Madison University.

Her training, education, experience and background are precisely what the optimal school board candidate should have. Since Shelly was appointed to the school board, she has striven to make education and our children a priority in Waynesboro.

Shelly is the mother of two young children that will be attending Waynesboro schools in the near future and as such, has a strong incentive to make sure that Waynesboro schools are the very best they can be. I ask that you please join me in voting for Shelly Laurenzo on May 3.

– Stephen Jones, Waynesboro

April 28, News Virginian

Why we support Laurenzo

We write in support of the candidacy of Shelly Laurenzo, who seeks to maintain her position on the Waynesboro School Board. In December 2014, Mrs. Laurenzo was selected by the School Board, from a field of eight candidates, to serve the balance of the unexpired term of the At-Large seat. Since January 2015, Mrs. Laurenzo has served our community with distinction, expertise and commitment, and we will all benefit if she is elected on May 3 so that she may continue her good works.
Mrs. Laurenzo is uniquely qualified to continue to serve our community. She holds a Masters Degree in Education, and she is an Assistant Director of first-year advising at James Madison University. In this capacity, she works with many bright graduates of our local schools, and she understands what resources are needed at the public school level. In addition, Mrs. Laurenzo is the mother of two young sons, and she has a vested interest in ensuring quality education for all children in Waynesboro.

During her tenure as a school board member, thus far, Mrs. Laurenzo has already benefited our community in many ways. For example, she has shown her strong support for teachers by voting for raises for school staff, as well as by voting for improvements to our schools. She has supported every student by visiting all seven Waynesboro schools and meeting with principals to discuss student and staff needs.

In addition, she has successfully worked to build a strong relationship with city council, with regard to both the school system’s budget and the Waynesboro High School project. Finally, she has worked to include a Waynesboro High School student representative on the school board, beginning next year.
Mrs. Laurenzo is extremely intelligent, hard-working, and committed to the success of our school community. She has already worked successfully and diligently in support of all students and school staff, and she has earned our vote so that she may continue to achieve positive results for Waynesboro.

– Susan and Tom Pereles, Waynesboro


Laurenzo an energetic advocate for Waynesboro students

April 30, News Leader

I have been a police officer for the Waynesboro Police Department for over 22 years. During my years of service, I have met thousands of Waynesboro citizens. One of the best is Shelly Laurenzo.

I first met Shelly and her husband, Eric, in 2014 when she and I were among several candidates to be considered for the at-large seat on the Waynesboro School Board. I was proud to have been elected to serve on the Waynesboro School Board for eight years and wanted to return. Fortunately, for the students of Waynesboro Public Schools and the citizens of Waynesboro, Shelly was chosen to for the awesome responsibility. Now Shelly is looking to be elected to a full term and I am lucky enough to be a part of her campaign team.

Shelly came to the board with no personal agenda. She only wishes to ensure every student in Waynesboro gets a great education. She has been in every school, met with every principal, serves on several committees. In her short time on the school board, she has racked up an impressive list of accomplishments: teacher raises, more teachers for the classroom, a student representative on the board, progress on the high school project. She has done all this while fortifying the relationship between the school board and city council.

Shelly is an advocate for all students of all backgrounds. Whether it is my three great kids or other Waynesboro children who have more life challenges, Shelly has been working for their success.

Shelly is also a mom and takes that responsibility seriously as well. Her two young sons join Shelly and Eric at several school games and events. She reminds me of the young school board member and parent I was 12 years ago when I first got elected. But I didn’t have the energy, dedication and ability that Shelly has. She is the present and future of our school leadership.

This pop who’s a cop is voting for Shelly Laurenzo on May 3.

– Brian Edwards, Waynesboro 

May 2, News Virginian

Why I support Laurenzo

I am a senior at Waynesboro High School and I strongly believe that Shelly Laurenzo is the best candidate for the at-large seat for the Waynesboro School Board. Over the past several months, I have grown to know Shelly and have seen her dedication not just to the students but also to the teachers and schools in our community. Shelly is a huge advocate for ensuring that students receive a quality education at Waynesboro Public Schools.  After being on the school board for over a year, Shelly brings experience and also has fresh ideas and a clear vision to help lead our schools in the right direction. She has helped create a positive relationship between the Waynesboro School Board and Waynesboro City Council. She realizes how critical it is to have a good collaboration between these two groups in order to effectively lead our community. I believe that Shelly has the best interests of students, teachers and parents in mind when running for re-election. I encourage all students at Waynesboro High School as well as Waynesboro residents to vote for Shelly Laurenzo on May 3.


– Anna Fridley, Waynesboro